What we do


What we do

We combine your insights with our process to reach new understandings.


The process includes one or more workshops or retreats to help you and your team find and agree upon the opportunities that will ensure your company will be sustainable, and thus relevant and lasting.

Imagine your company on the cover of your preferred media in the year 2030. What would the story be?

All workshops has elements of SDG goal 3 (Health and Well-being) integrated in the proces.


Getting out of the office, away from the usual circumstances can often bring more creativity, more innovation and more thoughtfullness into play. The definition of a Retreat is a workshop away from the office with at least one overnight stay. Re-treat, re-flect, re-act!

Including a Retreat in the proces, can be very beneficial for the proces, the results and for the team.

A Retreat will further integrate the SDG goal 3 (Health and Well-being) within your team and your company.

Coaching and career advise

Do you feel stuck in your current position? you want to advance, change industry or maybe explore the possibility for doing something completely different from what you do today.

Coaching will give you new insights about yourself, your motivation, and your opportunities, enabling you to take action towards achieving the change you desire.

Also in any coaching or career advise proces, we will include elements of SDG goal 3 (Health and Well-being).

We Help People and Companies

How We Work

We help people and companies identify their opportunities in the (future) world. If you recognize that something needs to be done, something needs to be different, or maybe that something just needs to be articulated, then the above process will help you move forward.

On the other side awaits clarity and a plan to achieve your goal. To ensure your company will continue to be sustainable, relevant and lasting.

We help you envision your future

A fun part of the preparation for a workshop or a Retreat is making your team write an article that will be posted on the front page of your preferred media New Years day 2030. Working with the distant future opens the mind to almost limitless opportunities.

Hire us to speak at your company event …

People-balance can be hired to speak at company events. We can tailormake a speech to suit the particular needs of your company, or choose one of the predefined topics below. Please contact us at info@people-balance.dk for more information.

Sustainability – it’s not complicated

Demystifying sustainability, and understanding how we all already contribute and can continue improving our contribution.

Health and well-being – a pre-requisite for sustainability?

If we are not sustainable on a personal level, it might be harder for the company to meet their ambitions.

Helle Bjerre

People-balance is founded by Helle Bjerre. She brings more than 30 years of experience from international business as CEO, SVP, and VP within Logistics, Production, and Finance industry. 

For the last 10 years, she has increasingly focussed on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Health and Wellbeing as well as Corporate Social Responsibility.