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People – Balance help people and companies define their opportunities in the (future) world, articulate their path and achieve their ambitions.

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Partners of People Balance

People-balance work together with other experienced likeminded individuals. We are experts in different fields, and can combine the team that best suits your needs. Partners include:

Helle Lehmann

Owner Visionroom

Helle says:

Important factors in healthy and valuable leadership are self-awareness and mindset. Throughout my professional career and from my educations ranging from law to yoga, I have deep knowledge and interest in people and their foundation. Being a trusted advisor, executive coach and teacher, I help people and businesses to strong, healthy and meaningful leadership. That’s simply my passion.

Lisbert Hilbert

Owner KataLys ApS

Lisbeth says:

“How people and systems may adapt and grow is a strong inspiration for me. In order to develop sustainable businesses, I draw on experiences from engineering, management and coaching. My effort as an independent business advisor, transition coach and change agent is to support people and organizations to create and engage in a more sustainable future. It is our responsibility to find a way”

Helle Bjerre

People-balance is founded by Helle Bjerre. She brings more than 30 years of experience from international business as CEO, SVP, and VP within Transportation, Infrastructure, Travel, Production, and the Finance industry. 

For the last 10 years, she has increasingly focussed on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Health and Wellbeing as well as Corporate Social Responsibility.

People-balance focuses on the SDG goals 3 (Health and well-being) and 17 (partnerships).

“I integrate these focuses in my company by working in partnerships with others, and by integrating “health and wellbeing” into the processes we offer. It is my firm belief that health and wellbeing of individuals (People), is a prerequisite for creating healthy and sustainable businesses (People, Planet, Profit)”

Please see Linkedin profile including information on board experience. Helle is a member of bestyrelseskvinder.

Helle offers executive outplacement services through AS3 Executive.

Outside work, she enjoys hiking, yoga, sailing and reading and is currently studying functional medicine.

Education – Extract:

Business and Transition Coach, Practitioner, EMCC; Board Education, Institute of Directors, London; The Science of well-being, Stanford University; Leadership Education from CBS and Insead; HD (A); Maersk/A.P. Møller Shipping Education